About Me

Why did I start this travel blog?  Well, I’m an Australian lawyer with 25 years experience in family law, conveyancing, estate planning and estate administration, and I merged my law firm with another firm in 2013.  So I’m now a semi-retired lawyer and looking forward to a “travel change”, and planning some trips around our beautiful country.

At my ripe age (think Boomers!) there are many places that I haven’t seen so I’m gearing up and ready to go!  My travelling companion is a very old friend (another Boomer!) who has already done a round-Australia trip in a motor home, so Pete is way ahead of me – but doesn’t mind visiting some places for a second time.

The first trip will be to Tasmania for three weeks – it is a small State so we should get to see most things that we want to on the self-drive.  Then a few months later a ride on the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth, and a self-drive tour around the west and south coast.  And then……who knows, Australia is my oyster!

I would love to have you travel with me, feel free to add your comments, especially if you have visited the same places and want to add to the information I have written.  Hopefully my writing and photographs will make you feel you are part of my journey.


PS  I started this website and blog after we left on our Tasmanian adventure in February 2013 – so the website is just a bit “raw”.  Keep in touch as I will be adding more to each post together with images and links to interesting sites to make your journey with me more interesting – thanks for being patient!