The anticipation!

I’ve heard it said that the anticipation and planning of a holiday is sometimes better than the trip itself!  Certainly I am now so excited about my first trip to Tasmania, and have researched its history, and planned the things we just do not want to miss – I almost feel as though I have already been there, and can picture in my mind most of the places we will visit.

All our accommodation is booked, as well as some of the cruises and the Wilderness Train trip from Queenstown that would cause enormous disappointment if we missed out!  You are probably at this stage thinking I am a bit of a control freak, but my motto is the Scout’s motto of “Be Prepared” – as well as “Better to be Sure than Sorry”!

A new laptop/tablet will accompany me, well protected in the beautiful patchwork cover made by my very creative cousin Sandra, together with a new Canon G16 camera (had a few lessons from an expert), so the recording equipment is all set to go.  A set of binoculars and my Bird Book (if I have time to look for birds!) will also be in my bag, together with my rainproof jacket, scarf and gloves for the west coast areas which, they say, can be changeable and cold even in summer.  I am determined to keep my luggage well within limits, lessons learned from previous trips when I did not need 50% of the gear I took with me, but still had to carry it around, just in case!  Travel experts advise to lay out all the stuff you think you need, then leave half of it at home – I’m going to try it.  After all, I will be on holidays, who cares if I wear the same outfit two, or three days, running – and there are washing facilities in every place where we are staying.

Even thinking of doing some interviews which I believe I can do on my mobile phone, and then upload the audio on to this blog – the technology is a little baffling at the moment, but am trying desperately to master it over the next week when we are due to leave.  Need to find a microphone and research some recording apps…..getting overwhelming!

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