Arriving in Dubbo

2 October 2016

Remembered to put the clock forward an hour last night, as daylight savings starts today, and our motel breakfast arrived on time at 8am.  We had plenty of time to catch up with the news and organise our packing and the motel manager was ready to drive us into town by 11am.  It is a lovely sunny day, and each day I am feeling more successful in shaking off the ‘flu bug.  We only had about 10 minutes wait in the warm sun, then we were off on our coach leg from Nyngan to Dubbo, where we will spend the next four days.

The coach was not crowded, so we could spread out a bit, and as we flew along the highway we noticed the usual changes in the landscape, getting more and more green the further east we drove.  In some parts there was still a lot of water lying about, and signs along the Mitchell Highway warned of possible road flooding.  We had stops at Nevertire (above), Trangie (right) and Narromine (where we hope to get back to during our four day stay) and two hours after leaving Nyngan we arrived at Dubbo Railway Station, where there were plenty of taxis available to get us to the Matilda Motel.

By this time it was after lunch hour so we decided to do some exploring, found the local RSL to have a Melt and Coffee, wandered around a few more streets to discover a Thai Restaurant and a Chinese café near the motel, then home for a catnap, and to plan our next four days, after collecting our hire car tomorrow.  We chose the Rose Garden Thai Restaurant just around the corner for our meal this evening, and it was quite delicious.

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