Up, Up and Away – to the USA


 Fisherman’s Wharf at San Francisco


28 September, 2014 – 30 October, 2014

I know this is my “explore oz” site, however I have been given the opportunity to travel to the USA to participate in specialised training in Elder Mediation.  My intention was never to travel to the USA, but I am unable to do this training in Australia…..so shortly I will be heading off with two friends on a new adventure.


The skyline across Lake Michigan of Chicago’s fabulous architecture

First we travel to Los Angeles and will have a few days there before boarding a coach tour for two nights in San Francisco, returning via Yosemite National Park.  A flight to Chicago follows for three nights, then a flight to New York where we will base ourselves for some exploring of that city, a three night coach tour to Niagara Falls, Toronto and Montreal, a one night coach tour to Boston and a one night tour to Washington and Philadelphia.  Then it will be time for us to fly south to Orlando for my training for two days, then a flight west again to Las Vegas.  We will stay there for three nights, including a day tour to the Grand Canyon.  A coach will take us back to Los Angeles and our long flight home.


The illusive Hollywood sign – finally captured a photo after about 10 tries while on the bus!

Certainly a whirlwind tour in many ways, and we will probably need another holiday when we get home!  However I doubt I will ever return to the States, as there are still many wonderful travel adventures waiting for me in Oz.


Crazy Times Square, New York – never sleeps!

Hope you can follow along with us – enjoy the ride!

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