East Coast of Tasmania


The East Coast is described as the sunniest, and warmest, part of Tasmania.  The journey along this coast includes pristine sandy beaches, azure waters with breath-taking ocean views, distinctive pink granite peaks, historic sites, small friendly towns and villages and accessible national parks.

Famous for fresh seafood – rock lobster, scallops, mussels and oysters and an abundance of fish species from deep sea game fish to succulent inshore whitefish – there are restaurants and cafes in the towns and villages happy to sell you a dish of the finest harvest fresh from the sea. As with many parts of this island state, you can savour superb local food and wine almost all year round.

Magic Moments on the East Coast

Visiting the Bay of Fires,  The Gardens and Binalong Bay north of St Helens







Orange lichen covering the rocks at The Gardens  (left) and Dazzling white sands of Binalong Bay (right)

The sites, and seafood, in Bicheno







The Blowhole and Rolling Rock at Bicheno (left) and Governor Island Reserve & Crested Terns Rookery (right)

The heritage buildings in Swansea







The former school is now the Information Centre  (left) and Stately old home built in the late 1800s (right)

Watching the fishermen at Spring Bay, Triabuna, gateway to Maria Island







Cleaning and filleting the morning catch (left) and Keen walkers on way to a 4-day hike on Maria Island (right)


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