East to the Grainfields of WA

A long, and very straight, drive from Perth, east to Merredin the centre of the wheatfields and grainfields.  Interesting driving along and being able to see for kilometres to the horizon on both sides, and the seemingly never-ending road ahead.  I enjoyed seeing the red soil and the acre upon acre of planted grain crops, and it made me realise our dependence on our farmers for the food we eat.  It must be a very harsh life and very dependent on the weather.


Magic Moments Driving East

Visiting York, 1st inland European Settlement in Western Australia


Settlers House – “Decorous Accommodation Befitting Respectable Couples”


Merredin in the centre of the wheat and grain country


Acres and acres of wheat and grain fields as far as the eye could see


The unusual and unique Wave Rock

Great views from the top of the Rock too


The Story of Mulka’s Cave

Mulka’s Cave containing aboriginal paintings


The wonderful tin statues on the Tin Horse Highway near Kulin

Had to keep stopping to take photographs!


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