Exploring Bunbury

21 May 2014

Photo taken from Marlston Hill Lookout overlooking part of Koombana Bay (our hotel on the right) and part of the Leschenault Inlet to the far right

It was so nice to see the sun shining when I woke up, we decided to go for an early morning walk along the waterfront close to our hotel, and watch the sun coming up.  Later we drove into the city and found the “Cappuccino Strip” for a coffee and fruit toast, and a walk along the main street.






The sun coming up over Koombana Bay (left) and the beautifully restored Rose Hotel in the main street of Bunbury

Ocean Drive runs right along the coast of the city, and is part of Geographe Bay.  Bunbury is at the most northern end of Geographe Bay,  and one of yesterday’s destinations, Cape Naturaliste is the most southern end.  There are parking bays all along Ocean Drive to sit and enjoy the Indian Ocean scenery, or walk along the pathway that runs the length of the road.  At the northern end is Wyalup-Rocky Point Basalt Rock, where the extensive basalt rock formations were deposited by flowing lava, believed to have occurred over 150 million years ago during the cretaceous period, and now creating a distinctive feature on Back Beach.  This is also a popular surfing area.  There are landscaped picnic areas overlooking the basalt that are a perfect place to watch the sunset (which we will do this evening).


The basalt rock formations at Wyalup-Rocky Point Basalt Rock.  These formations only appear at Bunbury and Black Point, south east of Augusta.



Our next visit was to the Marlston Hill Lookout where we had great views over the black and white checked lighthouse, the city, the Indian Ocean and Koombana Bay.  It has been a perfect sunny day with lots of fluffy white clouds and we spent a lot of time walking around the lookout and taking in the spectacular views.  We could easily see our hotel, the port area with a ship loading, the marina and our next port of call, the Dolphin Discovery Centre next to Koombana Beach.




Views from Marlston Hill Lookout across Geographe Bay(left) and the port and marina (right) 

It was a lot of fun at the Dolphin Discovery Centre, as we were arriving they were starting a short 3D film of dolphins photographed in the waters of Koombana Bay, adjacent to the centre.  Then it was feeding time for the young sharks in the tank, feeding the octopus and investigating some of the sea life in a pool.  When we were kids we used to find all sorts of marine life in rock pools at the beach such as the unusual starfish, sea urchins and sea anemone, it is a shame we now have to go to centres such as this to find them.  The beach front is where one can often see dolphins, and with the help of one of the supervisors you can wade into the water to play with the dolphins.  It was very pleasant just looking over the water, no dolphins today, although we have been lucky enough to see quite a few in our recent travels – I love dolphins!


Koombana Beach, outside the Dolphin Discovery Centre, where dolphins often come to play

It is only a short distance from our hotel to Ocean Drive, where we walked to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately there were some dark clouds low on the horizon, however that did not dampen our enjoyment of watching some container ships waiting to get into the port, the waves crashing on to the shore, and the sun slowly sinking and causing a golden glow over the ocean.


Watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean after a perfect day

Sadly we will say goodbye to Bunbury tomorrow and travel via Pemberton and Walpole to our destination of Denmark where we will spend a few nights exploring the beautiful forest and coastal areas, and meet up with my cousin and his young family – looking forward to that reunion!

The hotel’s dining room re-opens tonight for the first time since we arrived – problems with the resignation of the former chef, and the employment and training of a new one – I’ll let you know if the new chef comes up to scratch!

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