Fabulous Living Desert State Park and Sculptures



After another visit to the Information Centre (and a coffee at Gloria Jean’s) our destination for this morning is the Living Desert State Park and Sculpture Symposium, about 12 kms from Broken Hill and nestled amongst the Barrier Ranges.  Situated on a majestic hilltop is the Sculpture Symposium while the tranquil Flora and Fauna Sanctuary contains numerous indigenous species.  There are fabulous views around the area from the hilltop (right), but unfortunately the wind had started to blow, and getting quite strong by the time we got to the Park, to the point that it was even difficult to hold the camera still!  I had woken this morning with a sore throat, and I don’t think the time we spent in the wind improved my condition.











The Flora and Fauna Sanctuary comprises an area of 180 hectares bordered by an electric predator-proof fence. This sanctuary has been planned and designed carefully to provide visitors with a unique insight into flora, fauna and Aboriginal culture of western New South Wales. This is truly a sanctuary with a difference; the one and a half kilometre cultural trail within the sanctuary takes you on a journey through the Arboretum and Sturt Pea Wildflower display, Aboriginal attractions display past culture and recent contemporary story pole artwork.

On returning to Broken Hill I spoke to the pharmacist in the city centre (who said I had picked up the ‘flu – lots of it around) and was provided with a cough syrup to soothe the throat and a throat gargle to kill the germs.  By this time the wind had reached almost gale force, good excuse to get back to the townhouse and bunker down, taking my medicine regularly every four hours in the hope that I would nip the ‘flu in the bud.


The wind has not abated, roared all night, so apart from a drive into town for a nice Italian lunch at Alfresco on Argent Street, I spent a lot of the day sleeping.  Lots of things to catch up on our last day.  Winds today have been north westerly 50 – 70 km/h, tomorrow’s prediction is westerly 35 – 50 km/h, so some relief!

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