Going Full Circle – and Back to Hobart

22 February 2014

Norfolk Bay Convict Station from the jetty

Again no rush for an early start, so another leisurely breakfast at Norfolk Bay Convict Station.  The B & B has its own garden and orchard, and Lorella and Lynton bake their own bread and make their own preserves.  I can’t go past the toasted muesli, home-made fruit compote and yogurt, and a thick slice of toasted home-baked bread with three types of jam, citrus marmalade, cherry and blackberry.  The jams are so nice I have to take some home!

We were sorry to leave Norfolk Bay Convict Station, it is such an idyllic spot overlooking the Bay and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there.

It is only a short drive to our destination of Hobart, and our first stop is Sorell, a fairly large town with a good information centre, so we collected some brochures.  A number of the places listed had already been visited when we were in Hobart nearly three weeks ago, so after a short walk around the town we set off again.

St George Anglican Church (1826 rebuilt 1883) at Sorell

As a special treat we planned to visit the Barilla Bay Oyster Farm and Restaurant, opening at 11.30am for lunch.  Our choice was the “Awesome Shucked” dish where we shared a plate of 30 oysters with sourdough bread, and oil and balsamic vinegar dip.  Although I think it is a great shame to eat oysters other than in their natural state, it was interesting to try the different topping creations – Kilpatrick, Blue Cheese Mornay, Apple Puree, Chilli Jelly, Mango Salsa and of course au Natural.  We also tried their recommended drink of the day, Tasmanian made Ginger Chilli Beer (non alcoholic) which was very refreshing.   All in all a truly delicious lunch!


“Awesome Shucked” at Barilla Bay Oyster Farm and Restaurant

Arriving in Hobart we found it almost impossible to find a park near the busy Saturday Salamanca Markets, and drove around for some time before we found a car leavings its spot.  Although we didn’t stay long, the markets are amazing with all the usual things you find at markets and lots of food stalls (right).  The fresh vegetables looked wonderful, but there didn’t seem to be many buyers for the produce, most people seemed to be interested in the ready-made take-away food which also looked delicious.

What do you do after walking through Salamanca Markets? – rest in the beautiful Parliament House Gardens next door 

We checked in to Woolmers Apartments (where we had stayed when we first arrived in Hobart) and had time to organise some washing before a catnap, and thinking about our wonderful holiday that is almost coming to an end.

Dinner was at The Quarry Salamanca – again a delicious meal to end another busy day.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Hobart, the morning will be spent at the Museum of Old & New Art (MONA) – stay tuned!


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