Meeting with Cousins in Perth

03 June 2014



The famed Cottesloe Beach on a perfect sunny day

The day dawned bright and sunny so we decided to make the most of it and explore around Perth.  There are many things that we would like to see – but the time is running out!  We pored over the brochures, considered driving to the Swan Hills, but finally opted to drive to the suburb of Northbridge (the cafe, restaurant and shopping strip) then to  Cottesloe Beach, and work our way up the coast, coming home via Swan Hills if we had the time.  It is frustrating trying to get in and out of a strange city, and we suffered the usual frustration this morning.

However we finally got our act together, and found Northbridge which is really not far from where we are staying. There didn’t seem to be much happening, however we found a cafe to have some banana bread and coffee and then set off to find the beaches.   We found out later that Northbridge does not come to life until the afternoon and evening, so perhaps a return visit is called for.

The beaches at Cottesloe are popular for surfers, and paddle boarders, and the surf was quite crowded, the surf was obviously “pumping”.   We found a park at South Cottesloe Beach, then walked around the headland where we discovered an unusual giant sun dial.  A little further on we were able to walk out on the breakwater to take a photograph of the famous building on Cottesloe Beach.



The giant sun dial (left) and a structure at Cottesloe Beach (right) – if you zoom in you can see Rottnest Island in the centre of the structure


Looking north from North Cottesloe Beach (left) and the surfers and paddle boarders enjoying the waves 

I had missed a call on my mobile on the way to Cottesloe, there was a message left by my cousin’s wife to let me know they would be free from late morning, and could we meet up.   John and Penny Wither live in Cottesloe, so I phoned them and organised to meet up for lunch at a lovely restaurant overlooking Cottesloe Beach. It was great to meet up with them and catch up on news of families, we had a delicious lunch together and will meet up again before we leave.


Once we got back to our hotel Pete was able to arrange to see a dentist for his broken front tooth and he spent the rest of the afternoon being provided with excellent service and a new temporary tooth until he returns home.  A good chance for me to catch up with my travel blog, and have some quiet time after a special day meeting up with my cousin.

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