A Night at Bemm River


The pelicans were lined up to welcome us to Bemm River

15 March 2016


Once we left Eden it was only a short time before we crossed the border into Victoria.  We had planned to turn off the highway at Genoa to visit the seaside town of Mallacoota.  Genoa was originally the check point for travellers entering Victoria to ensure the Queensland fruit fly was not brought into the state.  There is now a delightful caravan park on this site, and it was very busy on the morning we visited (left).









On the way to Mallacoota we turned off at Gipsy Point, a very small area on Mallacoota Inlet where we found a family of kangaroos grazing in the grounds of a resort (apparently very luxurious!).  They were fairly timid, but stayed long enough for a photo shoot! (above right)

Mallacoota is situated on Mallacoota Inlet, in the Croajingolong National Park, and Gabo Island is about 13 kilometres off the coast.  The island supports colonies of seabirds and penguins, the National Park is an unspoilt wilderness of remote beaches, forests and mountains, its landscapes and eco sytems are so valuable that it has been classified as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.


Looking out from Mallacoota Beach with Gabo Island just visible on the right of the horizon








The boat ramp at Mallacoota (left) and the local pelican gang (right)

Further south we reached the town of Bastion Point, very picturesque, but the surf was very rough and dangerous under a threatening sky.








By the time we reached Cann River, it was time for afternoon tea, and to fill up with fuel, as there is no service station at Bemm River.  It is a busy little town, and we stopped at the Bakery for a coffee (below right) and watched the travellers passing through town, including lots of bikies.  The Cann River hotel (below left) is also a favourite watering hole for the locals!








Our final destination was Bemm River on Sydenham Inlet, much of the area to the north is state forest, while Cape Conran Coastal Park adjoins the western shores of the inlet and Coajingolong National Park adjoins its eastern shores.  The area is renowned for its bream fishing, which gives it its second name, “The Bream Capital”.

One of the fishing jetties on Bemm River

We had a delicious dinner at the local Bemm River Hotel.  There was a group of anglers from East Malvern RSL Fishing Club and the President was giving a presentation with tips on catching fish, such as the best bait to use, how to put the prawn (or crab) on the hook, and the reason many anglers do not catch fish is because they talk too loudly, or they use the wrong boats (too noisy when the water breaks against the boat) – we learned many tips on catching fish!

You can see images of our Bemm River meal here

Tomorrow we drive further south to Lakes Entrance.

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