Returning to New York from Montreal

16 October 2014

Getting ready to cross the border from Canada to New York State


We were up with the birds this morning (5.30m) so we could reach the border early and avoid a long wait to go through customs.  This means we were nice and early at our next attraction, the Ausable Chasm, a sandstone gorge tourist attraction near Keeseville, New York. The Ausable River  runs through it, which then empties into Lake Champlain. The gorge is about two miles long, and is a minor tourist attraction in the Adirondacks region of Upstate New York. It is fed by the Rainbow Falls at its southern extreme. The chasm has a continuous exposure of a section of the Potsdam Sandstone more than 160 metres (520 ft) thick, which includes, in an unpublished location, a rare, mid-Cambrian jellyfish fossil.

We had rain on our way to the Chasm, and by the time we reached our destination it looked quite misty and mysterious.  Our raincoats gave us protection from the light rain, and it was very beautiful walking through the area in the early morning.

We encountered  the interesting Elephant Rock early in the walk

The walk took just over the hour, there were some steep steps involved, but we made it.  It was especially invigorating walking in the early morning in such a pristine environment.

Table Rock through the mist

Then it was time to board the bus again, and head back to New York.  It is to be a fairly long drive, broken at lunch time with a stop outside Albany, the Capital of New York State at the Dragon Buffet “all you can eat” Asian restaurant.  It certainly had a wide range of foods to choose from, their motto is “It’s more than just all you can eat, it’s about a better dining experience.”  It was much the same as the other Asian buffet diners we had visited, however we were hungry and it was still along drive back to New York, so we were happy to dig in.  A few hours later we were back in The New Yorker hotel, and ready for another two days of hopping on and off the buses to see more of the city.

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