On The Way to the Ida Bay Railway

 Boats reflected on the placid Huon River at Franklin

It was a special day when we set off for our adventure on the Ida Bay Railway.  A beautiful sunny day with some wonderful photo opportunities along the Huon River, serene and reflective in the morning warmth, framed with the background of mountains

Beautiful reflections of the clouds on the Huon River further south at Dover

Magic Moments at Ida Bay

Riding in the Ida Bay Railway train along the Bay to Deep Hole


The open carriages of the train gave us great views on our journey to Deep Hole

Viewing the differing hues of blue on Ida Bay


Shades of blue and green on Ida Bay

Learning more of the history of Ida Bay and its early settlers from our guide, Brian

Brian tells us the histories of the early settlers at Ida Bay

Walking on the beautiful white sands of Deep Hole on the D’Encastraux Channel

End of the line at Deep Hole

You can read more of our adventure at Ida Bay here

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